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Duel Monsters I.N.C.



Visit KaibaCorp

by Tavreem

Chapter One -- Introduction

"Seto!Seto!Seto! Seto wake up! Come on! It's almost 12o'clock!" Mokuba urged his brother to awaken. He had fallen asleep while working and now had his head on his laptop's keyboard.

"Seto!" Mokuba yelled in his ear. This finally woke him up.

"Huh?What is it now Mokuba?" Seto said now awaken,but still with sleep in his voice and eyes.

"You promised to take me to the park and join Yugi and the gang for a picnic!" Mokuba reminded his brother.

"I did?" Seto asked still half asleep.

"Yeah! And it's almost time to meet them there." Mokuba said.

"Mokuba I'm not up for it now-" Seto started

"PLEASE!" Mokuba yelled with HUGE puppy dog eyes forming.

"Fine.Let me wash up and change then we'll go." Seto said.

"YEAH!" Mokuba cheered.

Seto quickly got dressed and freshen up. With that done the two Kaiba's left and made their way to the park.

Meanwhile in the park...

Tristan was busy hovering over the 'special guest'. Joey would of joined him but Mai was there and in knowing that she would of hurt him badly for even thinking certain things of other girls he just kept still. Yugi just sat there and talked to Tea. Yami was busy sitting by the picnic table gawking and drooling at the food Sandwhiches and candy and sodas were placed on it. He really didn't eat much and if he did eat it would be something involving sugar. A lot of sugar. Such as chocolate.And well the big bag of chocolate treats was what he was gawking at.Bakura was sitting down not doing much at all. Then the 'special guest' who was just sitting there having Tristan steal of of her personal space just got up and said

"Listen Yugi if Seto Kaiba is not going to show I might as well leave. I could be doing better things than sitting down on a blanket all day having your friend sing to me how pretty I am." Dana said growing impatient.

"I know you don't wanna wait but he'll be here any second.His isn't usually late for anything. Maybe he just lost track of time.Or is-" Yugi was cut off by Joey

"Or is turning the corner right now with Mokuba." he said.

Everyone turned their heads to see Seto arrive.Expect for Yami who was still drooling at the sight of the sugar filled chocolate.

"Hey Kaiba! How are you? Glad you could make it!" Yugi greeted excited.

"Hi!" Mokuba said.

"Yeah.Hi." Seto said. Still a little bit sleepy.

"Kaiba you'd never believe what we have planned for you!Seto Kaiba this is Dana Capon.Dana Capon this is Seto Kaiba the guy I was telling you about." Joey said introducing the two to one another.

"......" Dana was speechless. She had thought Seto was cute from Joey and Yugi told her but never thought that he was like a heavenly god with a perfect body.

"He...Hello." Seto said tripping over his word.He had never seen such a girl. Caress was an angel but Dana was a goddess.Every thing about her was perfect from her long red hair to her unbelieveble perfect body.Her tight blue shirt showed her perfect sized breast.And the jeans she was wearing showed her perfect curves and more.Perfect was what her body spelled out in Seto's opinion. But he was not the only one who thought she was beautiful. Every guy did. Even Yami became tounge tied when he first met her. If Yugi didn't hold him back he'd be hovering over her like Tristan was.

"Seto?Seto?Earth to Seto Kaiba!Do you hear me?This is your sibling,Mokuba! Hello? Hello?" Mokuba called. He didn't like being ignored.

"Mokuba why don't you join us for some lunch and let Dana and your brother get more 'friendly'." Yugi told him.

"Oh no. He's getting all happy like he did when he met Caress. This is bad. I don't want another devil in the house." Mokuba complained

"No.She's not a devil. She is really nice.Honest. Joey and I found out about her ourself and she is perfect for your brother. I mean she's smart like him and their personalities are partically the same.She also has siblings. Two older one's and two younger one's.And a bunch of cousins too. You'll like her. I promise." Yugi told the younger Kaiba.

"Okay...I guess."Mokuba said trying not to frown.

Next Chapter -- Set-Ups and Dates.

Chapter Two -- Set-ups and Dates (Part A)

"Mmmm.Mmphf tis rood.(This is good.)." Joey said in between bites and chews of his hero sandwhich as he sat at the picnic table.

"Joey don't talk with your mouth full." Tea told him as she took a sip of her cherry flavored soda.

"My mot?(Why not?)" Joey asked still with food in his mouth as he spoke.

"Because it's rude and you spit out your food all over the place when you do it." Bakura said covering his face.

"Hey you guys look at Kaiba.It seems like he and Dana are getting along well." Yugi said noticing the two sitting on the blanket chatting.

"Yeah.I've never seen Kaiba smile so much." Mai said turning her attention to Yugi.

"I don't blame him." Tristan said in a dreamily voice.

"Can't you think about anything else besides girls?" Bakura asked

"Umm...let me girls." Tristan answered dumbly.

"Wrong question to ask." Tea told Bakura.

"I know." He replied back.

"What do you think about the whole thing Yami?Yami?Hey you guys did you see where Yami went?" Yugi asked looking around for his Yami.

"Um...up in the tree above us." Mai said poniting up.

"Yeah.Eating all the candy too." Mokuba added.

"Yami you get down from that tree now.You know that you are not suppose to be eating all that candy.It will make you hyper." Yugi told him while looking up.

"NO!My candy.Super Yami's candy nobody else's." Yami said in a high piched childish voice.

"Yami I'm serious get down from there right now!" Yugi shouted to his Yami.

"Okayeeeeee!" Yami squelled and jumped from the tree landing safely on both feet.

"??????" Was everyone else.

"Ohhhhh! Seto's got a girlyfriend! Seto's got a girlyfriend!" Yami sang as he dropped the bag of chocolate and ran in circles around Seto and Dana.

"Yami stop don't do that!" Yugi called to his hyper Yami.

"Seto got a girlfriend!" Yami continued to sing.

"Umm...Seto-san why is Yami's running in circles around us?" Dana asked watching Yami in his hyper mode.

"This is one thing I surely have no clue about." Seto answered.

"Hey!Because you boyfriend and girlfriend why do you not go on dates?" Yami asked still hyper.

"Hey that's a great idea.Why don't you and Kaiba go on a date Dana." Tea forwarded.

"Yeah.We could doll you up and you two could go out."Mai continued.

"How about it Kaiba?" Yugi asked.

"It's date?" Seto asked Dana who had Yami hopping up and down behind her.

"I's a date." She answered.

"Whoopie!" Yami cheered behind her.

Next chapter: "Set-ups and Dates (Part B)"

Chapter Three -- Set-ups and Dates (Part B)

Dana walked slowly into her room and kicked off her sandals. She dropped herself on the bed and rolled over. Earlier today she had gone on a picnic with Yugi and his friends. Along with that she met the most good-looking guy known to man, Seto Kaiba. She had to admit at first she thought he'd be nothing but a big stuck up hot shot but after seeing him and talking to him she realized they had much in common.

They both lost their mothers at a young age.They both had siblings (she had three more than he did),and they both took much things seriously and so on. This brought Dana to the point to learn that she had never ever met a not a guy, a man of his standards. He was like a god. To be intelligent,good looking and rich all in one was a hell of a blessing. Her blessing. She got the chance to go out with a guy who she actually held interest in.

"He is dreamy..." She thought only to have her thoughts interrupted by her sister. Murray,( you say that as Ma-ray) which was short for her full name Murraiannna(Don't even try to say it if you can't)

"Hey big sis, how ya doin'?" Murray said cheerfully. You could say she was an exact duplicate of Dana only she was blonde.She was also younger by a year.

"If you are looking to see if Yugi is around with me today he's not." Dana said to her sister flatly.

"Ohh...okay." She said kinda sad. Ever since Murray first met Yugi she gained a major crush on him.And her twin sister who they called Spirit,short for Esspiritianna(Don't try this one either), gained a major crush on Yami.

"Hey Murray." Dana called to her sister.

"Yeah D?" She answered before leaving the room.

"Um.." her face turning lightly red." I need a favor."

"Okay sure.What is it?" Murray said

"I am going on a date with Seto Kaiba tomorrow and I was wondering..." Dana trailed off.

"If I could help you shop?" Murray continued.

"Um...yeah." Dana answered.

"Of course! I'd love to. You wouldn't want to dissapoint your date. Besides I may not have anything for him but that Seto guy is a real hottie." Murray said.

"Hey!Get your own boyfriend to comment on like that!" Dana said

"Don't forget I have my chance with Yugi.Soon enough I will be singing 'opps there goes my baby daddy'. So ha!"

The two teen girls laughed.

"Dana, Mai and Tea are here to see you." Spirit said as she walked in the room.

"K! Be down a in second." Dana said.

"So are they helping you too?" Murray asked.

"Yeah they're going to help my chances with Seto being that they know him better."

"Oh.Do you still want my help?" Murray asked.

"Of course." Dana said.

"Cool!" The three girls left the room.

Meanwhile, at the Kaiba Mansion...

"So Kaiba how do you feel about Dana so far?She's great right?!" Yugi asked

"I guess she's fine." Seto said sitting on the couch.

"That's it!Fine? We find you a girl who looks like a goddess and you say she fine?Come on Kaiba don't hold out.No one's here but us guys." Joey said sitting in the chair across from the couch.

"Okay...she's...umm...she's....beyond anything I' ve seen.I have met good looking girls but she takes the cake." Seto said.

"I feel so dizzy." Yami said walking out the bathroom with Bakura and Tristan holding him up. He had just thrown up all that candy he had eaten.

"Feeling better, Yami?" Yugi said getting up off the chair.

"A little bit. Thanks." Yami answered.

"Good. Now you know not to eat so much sweets." Yugi told him

"Believe me aibou I already knew but do you think my appetite will listen?" Yami asked.

"Not really." Everyone answered.

"You know Yami it's really your sugar high self that got Seto a date with Dana." Mokuba told him.

"Really? How?" Yami asked.

"You ran around Kaiba and Dana singing 'Seto's got a girlyfriend' and then asked if they were a couple why don't they go on dates." Joey told him.

"Uh...I feel in a way...dumbfounded." Yami said feeling a bit ashamed.

"'s okay ,Yami everyone gets sugar high sometimes.I bet you even Kaiba had a run with the sugar fairy." Yugi said

"Nope. Never. Not even if it was the last source of food in the world would I get sugar high." Seto told him

"This is so true.Only thing Seto has that involves sugar is tea and ice-cream."Mokuba said.

"Not even as a child Kaiba?" Bakura asked

"Wasn't allowed to." He answered.

"Hey can we get back in to more important things like Kaiba's date tomorrow?" Joey asked.

"Oh sure.How about you guys go to a movie, then dancing,after you can get a bite to eat then a romantic walk in the park." Yugi said

"That's cool." Mokuba said.

"I suppose." Seto said.

"Okay. Now that we got what you're gonna do downpacked let's fix up a cool dress code."Tristan said.

"How about casual black and white?" Yugi suggested.

"Yeah. Kaiba could wear a black pants, and white shirt and a lite black jacket over it." Joey suggested.

"That's a great idea." Bakura said.

"Okay then.Do you have anything like that Kaiba?" Yugi asked.

"Maybe.I'm not sure. I don't shop much." Seto said.

"Kaiba how you have all this cash but you don't buy yourself a new outfit these days?" Tristan asked.

"He just doesn't have much time on his hands I guess." Yami answered.

"Okay! Kaiba pull out all ya credit cards because you are about to shop like never before." Joey said.

"If there was a before for Kaiba and this shopping thing." Tristan said.

"Don't worry Kaiba before you know it you'll be looking like P.Diddy?" Yugi said.

"Who?" Seto asked.

"You know P. Diddy, Puffy Daddy?" Yugi asked.

"No." Seto repiled faltly.

"Boy when Kaiba said he wasn't out much he really really meant he wasn't out much." Bakura said.

"Uh...I'll get back to you on that P.Diddy thing.Do you listen to any kind of music in general?" Yugi asked.

"Um... the most I listen to is classical." He told Yugi.

"?????? That's all? " Everyone minus Yami, Seto and Mokuba said.

"Yup.I really don't listen to much music." Seto told them

"I suppose you can't dance either." Joey said

"That is something I can do very well. You wouldn't believe it was me if you saw." Seto said.

"Oh..." Joey said.

"Stop with all the worthless chat and let's bail."Tristan said.

"Sure."Everyone said while getting up to walk out the door.

In the mall with the girls...

Dana had invited all her sisters to come along with her Mai and Tea. They were shopping in a shoe store and Mai said

"I didn't think shopping to impress Kaiba was going to be so difficult.I'm not use to this."

"That's because Joey is easily impressed so you don't do this much." Tea told her.

"True." Mai said.

"How about these pink heels?" Spirit suggested showing her sister the shoes.

"No.They're kind of loudly colored." Dana said.

"How about something black?" Annabelle said.Annabelle was Dana's oldest sister. She looked like Mai only her hair was brown with green eyes.She and her sisters loved the common tank top, jeans look and this what they all were wearing.

"Yeah.Something black would be nice." Kaybella said.Kaybella was Dana's second oldest sister.She looked just like her sisters except she had black hair.It was quite funny in a way.All the sisters had different hair colors.Brown,Black,Red and Blonde.

Dana was the middle child and the only one with an uncommon hair color.Maybe since her grandmother had red hair.Anyways...

"Yeah I like that idea.As a matter of fact how about we get a black and white outfit for the date?" Tea suggested.

"Yeah." The rest of the girls forwarded.With that they left the shoe store and went shopping for black and white outfits.

Meanwhile in the mall with the guys...

"Come on out Kaiba let's see how you look." Yugi said outside the male's dressingroom.

"No.I look foolish." Seto said from inside.

"Kaiba you didn't look at yourself in the mirror yet.Come on out." Joey said.

"No." Seto told him

"If he doesn't like it,he doesn't like it.Don't try and force him into want he doesn't want." Yami said.

"Oh Yami keep quite before we do the same to you." Yugi said.

"No thanks.I'll just stay the way I am." Yami said

"You mean a guy in tight leather pants?" Mokuba said.

"Whatever." Yami replied.

"Come out already Kaiba." Joey said.

"Fine I'm coming out." He told them.

What's Seto's new look? Next chapter: "Set-ups and Dates (Part C)"

Chapter 4 -- Set Ups and Dates (Part C)

She sucked as hard as she could. Still not able to put in all in her mouth she decided to give up and let out a big sigh. The whole thing was to too much for her to handle. It's not that it was too big but it was that it was too small. It was becoming difficult for her to get anything out of it. It was just too small.

"I give up. I'm not going to get any of this slushy through this puny thing." Murray complained while she and the girls walked with several shopping bags in their possesion.(Wha'd did you think I was talking about?Sicko's. Really. Just kidding.)

"Then just get a different straw." Tea told her.

"It doesn't matter what size the straw is it's too frozen to suck up." Dana told her

"Yeah I guess." Murray said as she sighed and threw the container in the trash can.

"We finally got all the things we need for Dana and a few things for our self." Mai said

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go home and style this girl." Annabelle said. With that the girls rushed back home.

With the guys...

Seto walked out the dressing booth and looked in the mirror. He was dressed like a rap star. Wearing a pair of Timberland boots, some blue jeans, and a RocaWear shirt. Seto looked in the mirror and sighed.

"This is the popular new look of today's guys?" He asked.

"Yeah. I saw it on MTV. A lot of people like this kind of look." Yugi said.

"So I'm suppose to like it?" Seto asked.

"Um...I dunno, do you like it?" Yugi asked

"You are really asking me that?" Seto asked.

"Yeah." Yugi answered.

There was silence for a while.

And an even longer while.

And even longer.

And longer. Then Joey said "Um...let's pay for the stuff and get outta here."

"I hear you on that dude." Tristan said. The boys waited for Seto to change back to his normal clothes and then paid for all the stuff. Then went back to the Kaiba Mansion.

"I am tried." Seto said and collapsed on the couch.

"You're tried? I'm dead." Yami said and collapsed on the chair across from the couch.

"Wow, And you guys are that tried?" Yugi said looking over his Yami.

"Yes, now little one I wish to rest." Yami said closing his violet colored eyes.

"Okay. It's getting late anyways.Come on let's go home." Yugi said.

"Yeah see ya later Kaiba we'll be over tomorrow to prepare you for your date." Joey said.

"Bye Kaiba." Bakura said. Everyone else waved and left. Except for Yami who was still sleeping in the chair.

"Yami come on!" Yugi called from the door way. Yami couldn't hear him though and continued to softly snore.

"YAMI! WAKE YOUR DARK BEHIND UP AND COME ON!" Yugi shouted. These days he's getting very aggressive.

"Fine." Yami said and got up. He walked to the doorway passed Yugi and said "No need to deaf me aibou."

"Every need to deaf you. How else will you hear me?" Yugi said walking behind.

"Bye you guys." Mokuba said and waved as they closed the door and left.

"I'm going to sleep." Seto said and got up.

"Night Seto." Mokuba said.

"Good Night." Seto said back and went to his room.

Same time with the girls...

"Oh Dana you look so cool." Spirit said.

"Thanks." Dana replied. She looked in the mirror and smiled. She was wearing a black flare skirt with a sleeveless neck top along with a pair of black heel shoes. Her hair was rolled into a Chinese bun and had black hair barrettes around it. She looked so beautiful. She needed no make up because her natural beauty was enough. All she did was put on a little bit of lip gloss.

"I can't wait to see Settee's _expression tomorrow evening." She said dancing in circles.

"Yeah." MAI said.

"Honey you look wonderful." The girls father said with a heavy Italian accent walking in.

"DADDY!" The girls squealed like little children.

"Huh?" said Mai and Tea.

"Mai, Tea, this is our father Luigi Dallian Alfredo." Dana told them.

"Your dad huh?" Tea asked.

"Yeah." Spirit said. Luigi Alfredo was a good-looking man for someone who was in his forty's. He had short black hair, a mustache and a pair of brown eyes. He was about the same height as Tristan. He was wearing a black Gucci suit and a Rolex watch. He had just arrived from Italy.

The girls ran up to him and circled him talking and giggling.

"Daddy you will never guess what has been going on since you left! Dana had met these guys, who happen to be totally cute, and well they set her up with this other guy, who is cute too and well now they're trying to go out, and tomorrow is their first date and it's exciting because you know that Dana doesn't usually get into guys but this one has her taken and the guys that hooked her up with him have caught me and Spirit affections and and and...oh Daddy I'm just so excited that you' vel come home "Murray explained and hugged her father.

"Murray you have such a big mouth!" Annabelle said.

"It's all right. I too am glad to see my little chickets." Luigi said.

"Chickets?" Mai asked.

"Yes, Daddy always called us girls his chickets because there are so many of us." Kaybella told her

"Oh." Tea said

"Daddy these are our friends Mai and Tea." Dana told him.

"Oh, yes it is nice to meet you young ladies. Darlings I must go to bed now. I've had a long flight. We'll talk more later. Good Night my chicks." Luigi said turning around and leaving

"Night Dad!" The girls said.

"Why didn't you tell me you guys were from Italy?" Mai asked

"You never asked." Dana answered.

"Oh." Mai replied.

"We best get going it's late and you've gotta get some rest. You've got much to do tomorrow. Bye" Tea said. She and Mai left the room.

"Night." Dana said.

"She right. Hit the bed's girls!" Annabelle said. The girls went to their own rooms went to bed and planned for the best.

Next Chapter -- Set Ups and Dates (Part D)

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