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Duel Monsters I.N.C.



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Destiny of Destruction
by Katrina Rigdon

Chapter One -- The Beginning of the End

As Joey Wheeler, a tall, blonde, seventeen year old boy was walking down the street one day, enjoying the summer breeze he saw a sign in the sword shop window: 50% off all Duel Monster theme swords. Intrigued Joey entered the shop, little did he know that he would one day regret this decision that would alter his fate and the fates of countless others.

As Joey enters the shop he sees that a real snob that Joey would have liked to have decked was behind the counter. He was about to try to leave unnoticed, he didn't feel like being enraged today but had no such luck.

Clerk: Hey Joey, what's up?

Joey: Not much, just checkin out the Duel Monster swords.

Clerk: Enjoy. So how's summer vacation? I see you didn't get a summer job. Is Yugi Motoh's three mill. gonna sustain you for the rest of your life. Not that you really have one.

Joey: Shut it . Alot of that money went to helpin my sister Serenity, that's the only reason Yugi gave me the money in the first place. Besides, I can't get a job. Me and the gang are going to spend half the summer in Britain with Bakura.

Clerk: Poor Joey, can't even...

Joey: Drop it. Nice job on the Flame Swordsman sword.

{Joey was trying to change the subject. He really disliked this girl and she was always trying to taunt him.}

Clerk: Yeah, whatever.

Joey: Be quiet, you don't even know what the Flame Swordsman is.

Clerk: All I know is that it's your favorite card so it can't be worth much.

Joey: Shut up Anzu, I'm not in the mood.

Joey was about to storm out when an antique looking dagger caught his eye.

Joey: Dude, what's that?

Anzu: How should I know? I just work here. From the looks of it it's just an old piece of junk, in bad condition with dust all over it. I'm selling it for fifteen dollars but since it's you...

Joey: Give ya twenty bucks for it.

Anzu: Sure, why not. If you got nothin else to waste three million on.

With that Anzu took the dirty dagger off the shelf, wrapped it up and handed it to Joey.

Joey: Thanks, I think.

Then Joey left the shop on his way towards Yugi's place. But as he walked toward the Game Shop he couldn't resist the urge to take out the dagger and as he walked he had to admire it. It was an incredibly old and well kept piece of art and as he rubbed the handle on his sleave the dirt began to wear off revealing a small patch that glittered gold.

Joey: Wow, that's pretty cool. I'll pick up some polish and stuff and clean her up tonight. If this really is gold it will defiently be worth it.

He then relized he was in front of the gangs hang-out and quickly pocketed the weapon. Something inside of him wanted to keep it a secret, for now.

Chapter Two -- The Gang's All Here

As Joey entered the game shop he quickly scanned the area to see Yugi talking on the phone with somebody, Tea talking with Yugi's Grampa and Tristen sipping a soda and reading a comic book {some things you never outgrow}.

Joey: Hi everybody! The gang's all here.

Tristen: Not quite.

Tristen looked really angry about something. He then glared at Yugi and turned roughly back to his comics.

Joey then walked over to Tea.

Joey: Jeez. What's his damage?

Tea: You'll find out as soon as Yugi's off and I have a feeling that you're going to be even angrier then Tristen.

Joey: That seems almost impossible.

Yugi: It's urgent and we need all the help we can get. I'm glad we can finally count you as one of the group.

Then Yugi hung-up and sat down at the table across from Tristen.

Joey: Who was that Yug? And what's so urgent.

Yugi: I recently recieved a letter from Bakura. As it turns out not only does Bakura have his Millenium Ring and Pegasus's old Millenium Eye but their's an old gypsy about a half a mile from Bakura's house that can really see the future.

Joey: So?

Yugi: So she's doing it by using the ancient Millenium Tauk. This powerful millenium item has the power to look into the near future.

Joey: You mean there are three millenium items in a one mile radius in Britain and then your Millenium Puzzle here in Japan. There are only three more items left to discover? That is serious.

Tea: Wow Joey, your actually sounding smart today.

Joey: Why thank yo... wait a minute. HEY!

Tristen then broke out laughing.

Tristen: I think you just blew your cover. HAHAHA!

Yugi: This is no laughing matter, Tristen. Yami says that if the other Millenium items are discovered, brought to one place and the three God cards, Osirus, Oberisuku and Ra are brought to that place as well all hell will break loose. The evil forces from the past that are trapped in the Shadow Realm will escape and the Shadow Games could return. That would destroy the Earth and civilazation as we know it.

Tristen: Wow Yugi. You sure know how to damper a guys mood.

Joey: Now I know what was getting you so down.

Tristen: That's not all of it.

Joey: What?! There's more bad news?

Tristen: Yeah, why don't you ask Yugi who assigned to our little team.

Yugi: Tristen, it was in the best intrest of the entire human race. Like I said, we need all the help we can get.

Joey: Who is it Yug?

Knock, Knock. Startled the team looks out the window to see a tall, dark figure, a coat swaying in the wind around him.

Grampa: Gotta go! Inventory and such, heheh.

Joey: Wait Gramps, sigh.

Yugi: Come on in. I was wondering where you were.

Stranger: Hello Yugi Motoh. It's good to see you again.

Yugi: It's good to see you too, Seto Kaiba.

Chapter Three -- A New Friend, a Member of the Team

Joey: WHAT?! What the is Kaiba doing here? Get lost moneybags, you're not wanted here.

Kaiba: Back off Fido, Yugi invited me.

Joey: Why you {I can't show you what Joey said cause let's face it, this is a kids show}.

Kaiba: Bad boy, such language. You'll get into serious trouble one day. In the mean time, if you'll excuse me. I have business to do.

Yugi: Hello Kaiba. I haven't seen you since the end of the Duelist Kingdom tournament.

Kaiba: Yes, congratulations once again on defeating Pegasus. I am eternally in you debt.

Yugi: No thanks necesarry. Someone had to do it. If it hadn't been for Pegasus's Millenium Eye that someone might have been you.

Kaiba: No power can defeat magic, or heart. Thank you for having shown me that Yugi. I have become a better man, duelist and brother since I met you.

Yugi: Now Kaiba we must get to work. The Millenium items are all but revealed.

Kaiba: What do you mean?

Yugi: Bakura has discovered a third Millenium item in Britain.

Kaiba: ! This is worse then I thought it would be.

Joey: Hellooo! Are you guys just going to ignore me? What's he doing here?

Yugi: Calm down Joey. Kaiba's here to help us with our problem. He may be the extra brain we need. He is now, officially, a member of the team.

Joey walked over to the counter and stood next to Tea.

Joey: .

Tea: See. I told you you'de take it worse then Tristen.

Joey: You could have at least warned me.

Tea: About what? Kaiba?! You wouldn't have believed me. After all that Kaiba's done to us you would never have thought Yugi would ASK him to help. At least he can see the true sincerity of our situation.

Joey: Hey, I see it now.

Then Joey walked back over to Yugi and Kaiba.

Kaiba: I'll see what I can do Yugi. Kaiba Corp. has hit an all-time high and I have plenty of free time. In the mean time here, take this. It's my latest invention in virtual dueling. You may need it before this crisis is over.

Yugi: Thank you Kaiba. I know we will make a great team.

He then opened the briefcase that Kaiba had handed him and saw two highly advanced portable duel disks.

Joey: Pretty.

Kaiba: Don't let little Joey over here handle them yet. They are partially fragile so you should let him get over his chewing stage first.

Joey: One of these days Kaiba...

Kaiba: I fear the day when the little puppy becomes a danger to me so in the mean time, stop threatening.

Then Kaiba left. His new black trenchcoat blowing in the wind and Joey staring after him with malice.

Joey: I hate him, I hate him so much.

Tea: Grampa, he's gone.

Grampa peeked out from behind a couple of supply crates.

Grampa: What? Oh, I know. I'm uh, checking stocks. It's actually hard work.

Tea: Oh, OK.

Yugi: Well now that Kaiba's brain is on our side we may find a way to hide the millenium items for another millenia. That will at least buy Earth some time.

Joey: On that sad note I'm headin home. I'm tired and between finding out that Kaiba's joined the team and that mankinds end may be near I'm wiped. Goodnight.

And with that he left, went to the store {can't forget his polish} and then headed home.

Chapter Four -- The Shine of Fate

As Joey walked into the hallway of he and Tristen's apartment he sighed.

Joey: What could Yugi have been thinking?

Tristen: You mean inviting Kaiba?

Joey: Wha?! Oh, Hi Tristen. {Joey hadn't seen Tristen sitting in the living room.} Yeah, I mean he knows how much we all hate him.

Tristen: Actually Tea was in favor of him helpin out. She seems to think he'll be a great help.

Joey: She's crazy. I'd love to show him up one of these days.

Tristen: I know man, I know.

Then Joey walked into the tiny kitchen area and took out his dagger and cleaner.

Tristen: Dude, what's that.

Joey: Just somethin I picked-up at the sword shop.

Tristen: Nice.

Joey: From the look of it it might be made of gold. I'm gonna try to claen it up.

Tristen: Good luck. I'm headin to bed. Yugi wants to get together early tomorrow so we can plan our trip to Britain.

Joey: Fine, see ya in the mornin.

Tristen waved over his shoulder, walked into one of the small bedrooms and closed the door behind him.

Joey then turned to his work. For the next half-hour he scrubbed the dagger and it actually cleaned up quite nicely except for a small piece on the tip that stayed dull and slightly dirty no matter how hard he rubbed it. It was a beautiful piece of work. The color was gold though he couldn't be sure if that was the main metal it was made of. It was very heavy. It had a large blade, about seven inches with a three or so inch handle. The end of the handle had a large ruby-colored stone set in it, and when the handle neared the blade it went out to form small spikes. On the end of each of those spikes was a little sky-blue stone. Joey couldn't believe he had payed under twenty-five dollars for it. Now that it was clean it looked like it was worth at least two hundred. As Joey searched the knife for flaw other then the dark tip he saw a reflection in that dark area. Only it didn't look like him, and whoever it was looked almost evil.

Joey: Whoa! I think you8've had enough excitement for one day, Joey.

So he decided to go get ready for sleep. As Joey drifted off that night he thought about his gorgeous new weapon and the frightening image. That night Joey had a dream. In his dream he saw himself, holding the dagger and watched in horror as his friends fell, one after another to a stab caused by his hand. Unfortunately, when he woke-up the next day he remembered nothing.

Chapter Five -- The Discovery of a God

When Joey woke-up that morning he felt strange. Like something terrible had happened, but he couldn't remember what. He quickly got out of bedand got dressed. He couldn't wait to show the gang his new dagger. When he went into the kitchen he found Tristen already awake and drinking coffee.

Tristen: Morning. How'd the clean-up come?

Joey: Good, the dagger looks O.K. Are you about ready to head out?

Tristen: I've been waiting for you.

Joey: I have a bad feeling. Like something terrible is going to happen, or already has!

Tristen: Come on, let's hope you're not right.

As they neared the Game Shop Joey's bad feeling got worse, and as they entered the shop they expected to find something horribly wrong. They were relieved to find Yugi and Tea perfectly fine and waiting for them.

Yugi: Hi you guys!

Joey: Hi Yug. I've got something to show you, it's so...

But he never finished his sentence because at that moment the door burst open and in ran Kaiba.

Joey: Kaiba?! What do you want? We're busy right now so get...

And once again Kaiba cut him off.

Kaiba: No time today Joey. Yugi, why didn't you tell me that the God cards were a part of this prophecy?

Yugi: I didn't think it was important at the time. Why?

Kaiba: The three cards containing the Gods souls have been found, and I have recently obtained a copy of the Giant God Soldier, Oberisuku!

The room went silent, even Joey had nothing to say. After a few moments the quiet was broken.

Yugi: Oberisuku?! The Soldier God is the rarest of the God cards! Not to mention the most powerful.

Joey: And what do you mean that you obtained a copy. Isn't there only one of each.

Yugi: Actually there is five of each in all the world. But only the ones that have a color on the card back contain the Gods souls.

Kaiba: I do not own the colored one, but they have been discovered.

Tristen: I don't get it.

Tea: You never do.

Yugi: I have to go call Bakura. This turn of events is unfortunate but I knew it would happen sooner or later.

Then Yugi walked off towards the phone in the back.

Joey: Well so far this has been one great vacation. Tell me will I live through the summer?

Kaiba: This is no time for stupid remarks or petty insults, Joey. We need a temporary truce, we need to work together. The fate of mankind may rely on it. Which is more important? Your pride or humanity?

Kaiba held his hand out towards Joey. Tristen stared at Joey unsure. Yugi walked back over from the phone and stared at the two enemys.

Joey: If you don't know the answer to that then you don't know anything about me.

He then shook Kaiba's hand and walked away. Kaiba turned to Yugi.

Kaiba: Well?

Yugi: The line is busy, I couldn't get through.

Kaiba: We'll try again later. In the mean time, tell your Grandfather that I'm not going to hurt him.

Yugi: What? Oh, Grammpa? We need your help.

Grammpa: Ummm, I don't know Yugi.

He looked fearfully at Kaiba.

Kaiba: Look Old Man, I'm not here to hurt you in any way. I'm here to help your Grandson and his small group of infidel friends save the world from the return of the Shadow Games. Whether you help or not is up to you.

Grammpa: When you put it that way, how can I refuse, hehe. How can I help?

Yugi: We need to know everything you can tell us about the prophecy of the return of the Shadow Games.

Grammpa: Well, the prophecy goes like this...

Chapter Six -- The Return to Darkness

The clouds of darkness block of all light that shines down from the heavens, the cold is overpowering and the large monsters that roam the land are a fearful sight to behold, though they are dwindling. The Shadow Games and their great but terrible power have all but destroyed the world. A brave and powerful Pharoh in Egypt is sealing the power away, at least for a time. But the seven Millenium Items and the souls of the Gods will be uncovered and the Shadow Games will return, eventually. It has been seen in the stars. A reincarnate of the powerful Pharoh will arise and save the world from another plague of darkness. When the games return the ancient Pharoh will remember his lost past and know everything that happened so many milleniums ago. He will recieve a body of his own, nearly identicle to that of the chosen one. Then, he and the one must find the courage to join forces with forces with enemys and defeat friends. If they fail, the end will come, for they are the only ones who can defeat the evil that has been trapped in the Shadow Realm for so long.

Kaiba: The prophecy is already coming true.

Joey: What do you mean?

Kaiba: Yugi is obviously the chosen one, it says that he and the Pharoh, presumedly Yami, must find tha courage to join forces with enemyd. I believe that I am the first enemy you have joined forces with.

Yugi: kaiba, I believe that you're right. This is all happening to quickly.

Yugi: YU-GI-OH!

They all watched as a blue light surrounded Yugi and Egyptian symbols formed a circle at his feet. Then a gold light engulfed him and once again their small friend changed into his taller wiser alter ego, Yami Yugi. He then stepped foward and addressed the team.

Yami: We are all in great danger. The final battle and the return of the Shadow Games is drawing ever nearer. The final battle will be perilous but we must all try our hardest if we hope to win. I will soon have my own body again, and then Yugi and I will be a team. Not a single being. When I no longer share his body he will be weak. You, his friends, must help him get through his difficult times alone. That may be the only way he can survive. As Kaiba said, the prophecy is already being played out. Kaiba has joined us, the Gids souls have been found and the Millenium Items are revealing themselves. Only the Millenium Rod, Ankh and Scale remain hidden.

Then the shop's door opened and in came a small figure with black hair and a duel card locket. It was the younger Kaiba, Mokuba.

Mokuba: Seto?

Kaiba: Mokuba? What are you doing here?

Mokuba: I was looking for you. Um, sorry but, I couldn't help over hearing the prophecy and your conversation.

Kaiba: I'm sorry Mokuba but, you must leave.

Mokuba: But Seto,

Kaiba: No Mokuba! Now listen to me. Go, I'll be home soon.

Mokuba: No! You listen to me.

The fierce tone of Mokuba's voice was something even Seto Kaiba had never heard before. Mokuba was rarely angry but now he was red in the face and tears were already running down his cheeks.

Mokuba: I won't leave you, big brother. If you, all my friends and maybe the whole world is in danger I want to help you. Or at least stay by you in these bad times. I love you Seto, I won't let you face this alone.

The elder Kaiba was speechless. He hugged his brother close for a momemt and then let go.

Kaiba: I love you too, Mokuba. You can stay.

Joey: Alright. Now let's get down to business. Yug, what do you think we should do? We need some good advice here.

Yami: I think the only thing we can do at the moment is go to Britain as planned and allow fate to be played out. And when the time comes, we fight. We fight for Earth and all the beings upon it.

Tristen: Do you think we're ready? Do we have enough people to take on this evil.

Tea: We're leaving to meet-up with Bakura in a few days. Who else do we know who can help?

Then Joey's face lit-up.

Joey: I know someone.

Tea: Who?

Joey: An old friend of ours from the Duelist Kingdom.

Tristen: Who?!

Joey: Mai Valentine.

Chapter Seven -- The Continuous Quarrel

Later that week, Joey and Tristen are at home, packing for their trip to Britain.

Tristen: Joey, do you really think it was a good idea to invite Mia? I mean I know you like her and everything but, she's not exactly the nicest person in the world.

Joey: O.K., I'll admit that she is kinda rude at times but, she was a good friend towards the end of the Duelist Kingdom tournament. She may not be very friendly but she does have a heart.

Tristen: That's obvious if the heart influences the attitude cause she's got a big one.

Joey: Ouch. Why do you hate her so much?

Tristen: Because, as helpful as she may have been later on when we first met her she was unkind and she tried to con my best friend. In my mind that's unforgivable, for a time anyway.

Joey: Well get over it! We're meeting her at the airport tomorrow and if you are a jerk like you have a tendency to be...

Tristen: It's alright man, I'm not gonna be mean to your girlfr...


Tristen: That's right, she's your Valentine.

Joey: Funny.

Tristen could hear the high level of sarcasm in Joey's voice. Then Joey mumbled something that sounded distinctly like "moron".

Tristen: So cold, if I didn't know better I'd think you had a small crush on Mai.

Tristen saw sweat appear on Joey's forehead as he shoved his remaining clothes into his suitcase.

Joey: Done! I'm headin to bed, early mornin tomorrow.

Then Joey picked up his even more disorganized then usual suitcase and ran into Tristen's bedroom. Twenty seconds later he ran back out, blushing hard. Then he entered his own room, slammed his door shut, leaned against it and sighed. He could hear Tristen's loud laughter in the next room.

Joey: Not funny!!!

Then he set his suitcase at the foot of his bed and layed down. He was too hyper to fall asleep right away, though he couldn't be sure if it was flying to Britain to see Bakura or seeing Mia again that had him so excited {I think we all know what it was!}. He was in such a good mood that when he did fall asleep no nightmares plagued him.

* * *

Joey woke-up the next morning feeling very refreshed. He quickly dressed in his best jeans and green jacket {have to make a good impression} and then went to grab his suitcase only to find out it wasn't there. Figuring he had left it inside the night before {even though he remembered bringing it in with him} he went inside and then headed towards the kitchen to grab a small breakfast. He found Tristen in there again, this time eating cereal and drinking some juice.

Joey: Morning!

Tristen looked at him with a small grin on his face.

Tristen: You seem very cheerful this morning.

Joey: Hello to you too.

Then he walkedtowards the cabinet as Tristen put his empty dishes in the dish washer.

Tristen: Hey!

Joey: What?

He turned to Tristen in time to see him throw a granola bar at his head. Then Tristen reached under the table, pulled out Joey's missing suitcase and threw it at his chest. Joey caught the granola bar but the suitcase hit him full in the stomach.

Joey: Hey! What was that for?!

Tristen: Just keepin ya on your toes, wanted to make sure that you were ready or your date!

He then ran to the door, laughing. He grabbed his suitcase which had been placed there for a quick escape {coniving!} and then ran out the door before Joey could react. Then Joey got up from where he had fallen, picked-up his own suitcase, yelled something not very nice at his fleeing friend and ran out after him.

Chapter Eight - Love is in the Air

Upon arriving at the airport they found Yugi and Tea waiting with Kaiba and Mokuba by Seto's sleak, black limo. Half disgusted, half excited Joey ran up to them.

Joey: Where's Mia?

Tea: Her flight should be here in about fifteen minutes, then our flight leaves in under an hour.

Yugi: Not to much longer.

Mokuba: I can't wait! I've almost never left Japan before.

Joey: Good job, Kaiba! You've raised a deprived brother.

Kaiba: Little pup, are just lucky that we're under a truce right now.

Joey was about to say something but stopped himself when he saw the annoyed look Yugi was sending towards him. Instead he turned to Tristan and began a conversation about flying. After a few minutes of discussion the group started walking towards the terminal.

Joey: I swear! When I first came to Japan I saw something on the wing of my plane!

Tristan: You're demented.

Tea: I think you both have been watching to many late night horror movies.

Tristan: Maybe, still. Call me paranoid but I have a feeling that we're walking into a masacre.

Then Tristan yelped in pain as Joey kicked him in the shins.

Tea: Be nice.

Kaiba: I believe that for imature people, such as themselves, that is virtually impossible.

He and Tea turned back to the fighting friends to see Joey holding Tristan in a head-lock and Tristan trying to poke Joey in the eye with his hair.

Mokuba: Big brother,

Kaiba: Yes, Mokuba?

Mokuba: Do they always fight like that, Seto?

Tea: Yes.

Kaiba: Young, moronic fools.

Yugi looked at the sky and mumbled something to himself and then got Joey and Tristan's attention.

Yugi: Um, guys? We're here to meet Mia and then visit Bakura. Can we please keep the peace.

Joey paused, looked at the clock and then let Tristan go.

Joey: Sure thing! Mia's plane landes on runway 12, let's get to that gate.

The plane was already landing when the gang reached the waiting area. They watched as the plane came to a halt and the passengers stepped out. Mia was the sixth person to step out. The quickly recognized her by her blonde, spiky hair and her purple outfit. Joey's face split into a large grin.

Joey: There she is!

Joey ran to the entrance as Mia entered.

Mia: Hello Joey, it's been a while.

Joey: Too long, Mia. We haven't seen each other in almost five months.

The rest of the group walked up behind Joey.

Mia: It's good to see you again. And it's good to see the rest of you too.

Tea: Hello Mia.

Mia waved to Seto and Mokuba who had held back and then turned to Yugi.

Mia: So spill it already! What's so urgent?

Yugi: I've got a story to tell you.

Chapter Nine -- The Heart of the Problem

Yugi's voice lowered to a whisper. He pointed to the Millenium Puzzle that lay against his chest.

Yugi: You see this?

Mia: Yeah. That's your "magical" charm. What about it?

Yugi: This is the Millenium Puzzle. You see, long ago, in ancient Egypt, the rulers of the lands would play a terrible, powerful and magical game known as "The Shadow Game".

Mia: If this game was so awful, why did they play it in the first place?

Yugi: The winner was the next Pharoh. This game decided their fate. Anyway, this game involves strong monsters, dangerous traps and magical pitfalls.

Mia: What are you getting at, Yugi?

Yugi: Mia, Duel Monsters were once real!

Mia: Huh?!

Yugi: I know it's hard to believe but, it's true. The monsters power got out of control and the world was nearly destroyed! Luckily, a Pharoh was able to seal the dark forces away.

Mia: How?

Yugi: He sealed it within the seven Millenium items. There is an ancient prophecy that says that if all seven items and the souls of the three God monsters are all brought together the darkness will break free and the Shadow Games will resurface.

Mia: And this "magical" necklace of yours is one of the items?

Yugi: Yep.

Mia: And what do you mean, "the souls of the Gods"?

Yugi: The monsters souls were somehow trapped within some cards from the modern game, each monster that once existed on this planet has a card. As an example, there may be a thousand Harpie Lady cards in the world but only one contains the original Harpies soul, understand?

Mia: I think so...

Mia stared at Yugi, still slightly confused. As if she didn't know whether she should believe him or not.

Joey: Whoa there Yug. Other then the God cards that whole soul card stuff is new to me. How come you never said nothin about it before now?

Yugi: It never came up. Besides I would have explained it when we reached Britain anyway.

Tristan: To much at once... killer headache...

Tea: Don't strain Tristan, we may need your little bit of brain power later on.

Tristan: Thanks alot.

Tea: I'm just trying to be honest.

Joey: I think you're a little to honest at times, Tea.

Then Tea stuck out her tongue and lightly pulled on her lower eye lid.

Tea: Deal with it.

Joey: My point exactly.

Then Mia spoke for the first time in several minutes.

Mia: So how do we fight this?

Yugi: First we try to prevent the Millenium items from gathering together, if we can't do that then we will have to use what soul cards we have to stop the worlds annihilation.

Mia: What are the chances that we have any of the soul cards?

Yugi smiled and glanced at Kaiba.

Yugi: Well, not very good but, at least we know that we have the Blue Eyes soul card. And he's one of the strongest monsters of the game so that will help our cause.

Mia: This cause of yours seems like a lost one to me, Yugi.

Yugi: Perhaps but, we still have to try.

Tristan: In the mean time, this cause of ours better move it's butt if it wants to fly to Britain today.

Tea: Tristan's right, for once. Our flight leaves in about twenty minutes.

Tristan: Watch it.

Mia: What runway is our plane on?

Joey: 18.

Yugi: We better hurry.

Mokuba: It's about time! Let's go.

And then the team ran off towards gate 18.

Chapter Ten -- The Journey Continues

About six hours later the group is already a little over half-way to Britain. They had barely made it to the runway in time now were all resting comfortably in the seats of the plane. Joey and Mia were sitting together and Tristan was sitting behind them, annoying them much as he could. Joey looked ready to swing around in his seat and punch Tristan in his pointy head. And the poor girl who had to sit next to Tristan was wishing she had decided to spend the rest of her vacation in Paris. Tea and Yugi were sitting two rows in front of Joey and Mia, pretending they didn't know who the three squabbling teenagers were. Kaiba who was sitting behind Tea and Yugi was sleeping, having gotten bored with watching someone other then himself annoy and insult Joey. Mokuba was sitting next to Kaiba, beside the window. He was enjoying the trip so much that he barely noticed that there was a war brewing behind him.

Joey: Tristan! I swear, when this plane lands I'm gonna kill you!

Tristan: In your dreams monkey-boy!

Mia: If you both don't shut-up right now I'm gonna kill both of ya!

At this point Yugi and Tea both had huge sweatdrops appearing on their heads. When the stewardess came by they were a little tense.

Stewardess: Can I get you two anything? Peanuts, drinks?

Yugi: No thanks, but could you give those people in the back some sedatives?

Stewardess: Huh? Um, right.

She quickly walked away giving Yugi a really strange look.

Tea: Well, this is different.

Yugi: That's not what I would call it.

Tea: And what would you call it?

Yugi: A good excuse for seclusion!

Tea: No kidding. How long is this nightmare going to last anyway?

Yugi: The flight is supposed to be about eleven hours long so we should probablly be there in about five hours.

Tea: This could really suck.

Yugi: We've lasted this long, besides no one knows that they're with us.

Tea: I'm gonna take nap. Whatever dreams or nightmares I have are bound to be better then this!

Then Tea reclined her chair and closed her eyes. Now that Yugi was alone he decided to relax and consult with his darker half.

* * *

Yugi: Yami?

Yami: Yes, Aibou?

Yugi: I'm scared.

Yami: Of what, young one.

Yugi: Of Joey, Mia and Tristan.

Yami: Hmm, they are tiresome, aren't they?

Yugi: I was kidding. What really has me scared is the nearing battle. It seems to me that bringing the Puzzle to a place where three other items dwell will hurt our mission more then it will help it.

Yami: Well, if you would rather leave me and your Puzzle behind...

Yugi: You know that's not what I'm saying. It just seems dangerous.

Yami: I know Aibou, I know.

The Pharoh could feel Yugi's fright and understood his worrys.

Yugi: There's a chance that when we return to Japan one of our friends won't be with us. There's even a chance that we won't be returning to Japan! This is to much for a thirteen year old to handle Yami, magical powers or not.

Yami could feel his alter ego's pain and fear grow as he thought about these new predicaments. As little Yugi's eyes began to water Yami tried to comfort him but Yugi pushed him away.

Yugi: I'll be O.K. Yami, I just need some rest.

Yami: Sleep well, young one.

Yugi: I'll try. Talk more in a while?

Yami: Of course.

Yugi layed back on his flight chair and closed his eyes. The last thing Yugi heard before he fell asleep was Tristan throwing another insult at Joey and then he heard what he thought was skin hitting skin, after that, he began to dream. In Yugi's dream he was alone in a vast, black area. He could no longer sense Yami in his head so he believed that he and the Pharoh no longer shared a body. Yugi looked around but all he saw darkness.

Yugi: Yami? Hello! Is anyone out there?

Then he saw a figure that looked very much like himself begin to walk towards him.

Yugi: Yami?

The figure nodded.

Yugi: Where are we?

Yami: What does this place look like?

Yugi: It looks like...gasp! Are we in the Shadow Realm?

The figure nodded again.

Yami: Don't be afraid, I will protect you from any danger.

Yugi began to walk around.

Yugi How did we get here, Yami?

Yami: You brought us here, Aibou. You have developed your Shadow powers very well.

Yugi: Wow.

Yugi didn't know where to go. Everywhere looked the same to him.

Yugi: Yami, I... What the?!

Yami was no longer there! Yugi quickly scanned the area and saw Yami, several yards away and walking away from him.

Yugi: Yami! Where are you going?

Yami: Don't worry child, I will return shortly.

Yugi: Don't leave me! Wait up!

Yugi began to jog towards Yami but before he could get more then a few feet closer to Yami a tall, dark creature rose before him and began to advance.

Yugi: Yami! Help!

But Yami didn't respond to Yugi's shouts. His pace quickened and he continued on. Yugi was terrified. The creature, whatever it was, was right in front of him. Yugi screamed and then, just as he thought he was going to die, he returned to the real world.

* * *

Yugi: Yami, don't go!

Yami: I'm right here, Aibou. What's wrong?

Yugi: Huh? It was a dream? It was so real!

Yami: Dreams have a habit of doing that. Now, what happened?

Yugi: I saw yoo and me, in separate bodys. And we were in the Shadow Realm!

Yami: Go on.

Yugi: You said you would protect me but then you walked away. When I tried to follow you a monster appeared out of nowhere and blocked me. And when I cried to you to help me you just ignored me and sped-up!

Yami: Strange,

Yugi: Now I'm even more scared! What if this dream was an omen, a prediction? What will happen if during this battle a monster really does attack me?

Yami: Koko kara nigedasanai.

Yugi: What?

Yami: I won't run away. You are my friend Yugi, my reincarnate. Our souls are bonded. Do not worry, my young friend. If anything does happen I won't leave you. I will protect as best I can.

Yugi: Thank you, Yami. I feel better. You are my...

Stewardess: Umm, young man?

Yugi: What?

Stewardess: Could you please wake your friend? We will be landing in about ten minutes.

Yugi: Alright.

Stewardess: Thanks.

Then the stewardess walked away mumbling something about kids these days, always talking to themselves. Yugi shook Tea slightly.

Yugi: Tea, Tea get up. We're about to land.

Tea: Hmm?

Yugi: We're going to land in about ten minutes, you've got to be awake.

Tea: Oh, thanks Yugi.

Mia: Hey Yugi! Should someone wake Kaiba?

Tea: He slept all this time?!

Mokuba: Yeah, lucky guy.

He glanced behind him and saw Joey staring at him in a very unfriendly way.

Mokuba: Hehheh.

Joey: I say we just leave him behind.

Tristan: You would.

Joey: Don't start.

Mokuba: ...Again.

Then Mokuba poked Kaiba in the ribs a couple of times.

Mokuba: Big brother?

Kaiba didn't open his eyes but he did speak.

Kaiba: Yes Mokuba?

Mokuba: We're about to land.

Kaiba: About time. Is the dog fight over?

As he sat-up he heard a growl come from behind him.

Kaiba: Guess not.

'All passengers please buckle up. We will be landing shortly.'

The group felt the plane begin to descend. Mokuba watched out of his window as the plane came down on the runway and then came to a halt. They were then told to please exit the plane. They all grabbed their bags and filed out, one after another. As Yugi stepped out into the warm sunshine of Britain he heard a voice in the back of his head say: The Journey Continues

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