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Duel Monsters I.N.C.



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Hidden Past
by Amanda Moore and Taryn Webster

Hidden Past

By Amanda Moore and Taryn Webster

Chapter One

"Mr.Kaiba!" The speaker said in an annoying voice. Kaiba had been havinga pleasant dream of being home with Mokuba and there were no speakers tobother them as he read Mokuba a story. That stupid speaker had woken himup! He drifted out of sleep and pressed the button to answer the speaker.

"Yes, Debbie, what is it?"

"Sir, you have a meeting at 10 o'clock."

"Cancel it!"

"You want to lose the company?! This could be just what the company needs to pull itself back up."

"You want to be fired!?"

"Not really. I'll cancel it. sir."

"No, just...leave it."


"Is that all?"

"For right now."

"Okay" stupid broad. She woke him up!!! Yes, he was asleep in hisoffice. But she didn't need to wake him up. He was trying to remember what the meeting was that day. Oh yeah! That president and two advisors from the company he was buying were coming over today to dicuss the "merging" (him taking over the entire company and firing all the people who once worked there). He was straightening up some papers while you, the readers, can see his reflection in the faraway mirror. He had a huge red mark on one side of his cheek and his hair was flat and messed up on one side. He looked meesed up, but in a really cute way. Suddenly thebuzzer buzzed again.

"Yes..." he answered sourly.

"Hey Mr. Kaiba..."

"What is it, Debbie." He asked angrily.

"What'cha doing for lunch?"

"Nothing that involves you."

"That's cold."

"It would warm up considerably if I fired you, wouldn't it."

"I believe it would sir. I think I'd rather just be cold."

"Get back to work." 'I'm bored' he thought. He pressed the speaker button so that the whole building could hear him. "CROQUET!!!" He yelled into the speaker. Croquet came running into the room.

"Yes sir?"

"Stand on the X. NOW!!!" Croquet moved to the X. Seto pressed a button on the desk. "YOUR FIRED!!" he yelled as fire came raining down on Croquet. Croquet didn't even yell out anymore. He'd been fired too many times. On a regular basis. He'd grown an immunity to it. He just walked out of the room.

"Sir?" the speaker said again.


"They're here."

"Send them in." Two men and one young woman came walking in the room. The men looked basically the same, but one had black hair and one had blond. The young woman had brown hair, was about 5'7", a great figure (not something you see around Kaibacorp), and these eyes. He'd seen the shape before, but he couldn't put his finger on it. "Good morning, and which one of you good men will I be seeing today?"

"Me sir" The young woman answered. Seto did a double take. SHE was the president of the copmpany!! She turned around and dismissed her two advisors. "they were simply for security. We've been getting some threats around the office. I don't take them seriously, but my secretary threatened to block my way to the door if I didn't at least take those two. So I did. " she looked at him with a not so-impressed look on her face.

"What?" he asked blantly. "What are you staring at?"

"n..nothing, Mr.Kaiba." His sight started drifting around the room as she stared a bit more, until his eyes hit that mirrior. Yugi heard his scream all the way over at the Game Shop. Let's just say he was a little surprized. He mussed his hair and started rubbing the side of his face, trying to get the red mark off, but only succeeding in making it worse.

Chapter Two




"YOU WHISPER TO MAKE SOMEONE LISTEN, NOT YELL!!" This argument has been going on for 20 minutes. Seto Kaiba was having a meeting with the president of a company that Kaibacorp was merging with. He had proposed that she fire all her employees before the merge. She refused. He refused her refusal. She refused his refusal of her refusal. He...well, you get the picture.

"Fine, you don't have to fire all your employees." Seto Kaiba said as the pretty little president smirked. "Save your 20 best."

"I'll fire half."

"3 quarters"



"I'll fire my 20 worst."

"It's a deal." The other president looked through the papers.

"I won't quit."

"Then you can work here. I could use a vice president."

"That quick? You just hire me? You don't even know my name."

"I think you're a good negotiater. You seem to do business very well. You remind me of myself. I like your spunk. You stood up to me again and again. What is there better in a vice?"

"I guess nothing. By the way, my name's Suki Amenhotep."

"Okay, Suki, you're now my vice."

"What do I do? I've never been or had a vice."

"Well...I teach you to use the buttons."

"Okay. What are those?"


"Whose that?"

"My "vice" " Seto said as he made quotation marks with his fingers.


"Oh, don't worry, we don't have to tell him about you, he's not even a real vice anyways. I told him a vice was somebody who waited hand and foot on the president." Suki laughed an easy laugh. Seto thought the laugh was beautiful. So he laughed right along with her. Croquet chose that moment to walk in.

"Now watch me." he whispered to Suki. He reached over to the place on his desk where the buttons were, and while she was watching him, pressed the one that would fire Croquet! As the fire came raining down, Seto saw the stricken look on Suki's face. "Oh, don't worry, it doesn't hurt him too bad." She just smiled.

"You know what, that looked like fun. When do I get to try it?" Seto was very surprized. Very few people liked his method of "firing".

"Whenever you think you can," he said as he noticed that he missed Croquet. "CROQUET!! Move onto that x." Croquet shook his head, frightened, as if to say, "what, do ou think I'm crazy? YOU go stand on that X, see how you like it.". Seto was just about to yell again when Suki put a hand to his arm, silencing him. He glared down at her, with a "how dare you touch me" kind of look. She started digging in her bag and talking to Croquet at the same time.

"You know, I really love it here at Kaibacorp. Do you think, Croquet, "she said, as she presented a camera out of her bag, "I could get your picture? I could use a picture of a handsome guy like you." Croquet just blushed and nodded his head. Seto's look just got more disgusted. "I need you to stand on that X there." she said, as Croquet moved. "Say cheese!" she said as she pressed the correct button on the desk, "firing" Croquet. Seto looked astonished. She did not just do what he thought she did? Croquet left the room in a huff. When Suki turned back to Seto, he was turned away from her, and his shoulders were shaking. "Are you okay?" she asked, and walked around to the other side of him. He was laughing so hard, he was crying!

"That..." he started, "was....priceless!" he stuttered out as he collapsed in a huge fit of laughter. He was laughing so hard he was rolling on the floor!! Suki couldn't help but laugh too, both at Croquet and the famous Seto Kaba, who was known for his cold-heartedness. How can anyone who laughed such a sweet laugh be mean and coldhearted? Of course, considering what he was laughing at... he finally got up and sobered himself up.

"How did you come up with that? I never thought of anything like that, and I've pulled just about everything on him."

"I don't know. I thought about how funny it would be to watch him get toasted, and the idea just came to me. Kind-of like when I duel."

"You duel?"

"Yeah, I know it's a silly past-time, but I think it's great fun. I know, I must sound pretty silly..."

"No way! I used to be dueling champion. I still like it quite a bit. Why don't you duel me?"

"I would, but I haven't been at my best lately. Besides, your supposed to be training me, remember?" Croquet came walking back into the room.

"Sir, I thought you looked bored, so I thought I'd come keep you some company." he said as he shot Suki a dirty look. Seto caught Suki's eye.

"Next lesson " he whispered "is the tile game."

"Okay, what's that?"

"Watch." he turned to his buttons, pressed five that were underneath glass, and told her to sit on the couch and stay there, and when she did, he turned towards Croquet. "Let's play a game, Croquet. Don't step on the blue tiles, just the green. The blue tiles will trigger a reaction in the building, and lava will rain down on you." Suki blanched as she realized all the tiles around her and Seto were blue!! "just watch..."he warned. Croquet stepped on as green tile...and lava came down! "Oops...I guess that was the green." Croquet left the room, and Suki sat on the couch, trembling. Seto went over and waved a hand in front of her eyes.

"Suuuuukkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..." he said, "Come on, you don't have to be worried. I'm never going to do that to you..." she started laughing her head off! When she finally settled down, she asked him when she got tested for the buttons.

"Let's play a little game with Debbie..." Seto said as he started explaining that Debbie was color-blind, and the blue and green tiles were the exact same tone, making them impossible to tell apart. He told her to press the correct buttons. She did.

"Debbie..." he said in a sing-song voice into the speaker.

"Yeah, Mr. Kaiba?"

"Let's play a little game...don't step on the green tiles. Considering you can't tell the difference, don't step anywhere at all."

"Okay sir."

“Good.” He shot a sideways glance at Suki to see if she was enjoying this. She looked bored. Very bored. “What’s wrong? I now vice-prez is a stepdown from what you’re used to, but...”

“I don’t know... I was actually thinking about how lucky I least I’m not your secretary...”

“You couldn’t be my secretary...your credentials and recommendations are far too good for you to be just a secretary.” Suki just shook her head. He obviously didn’t get the joke. The speaker buzzed again.

“What is it Debbie?”

“Sir, someone’s here to see you.”

“Who is it?” After Seto asked this, a little, inquizitive voice came over the speaker.

“Big brother?”

“TURN THEM OFF TURN THEM OFF TURN THEM OFF!!!!!!” Seto started screaming, and they worked double time to get them all turned off. “As soon as he gets in here, turn them back on.”

“Sir...” the speaker said “Sir, you haven’t screamed like that since the stock crash 2 years ago..” Just then, a little boy with black hair came walking into the room.

“Hi, big brother! I came to show you my...” he stared at Suki suspiciously “ card. Who’s she?”

“This is my new vice, Suki Amenhotep.”

“Sure she’s not your secretary?” In their rush to turn off the floors, her hair had been mussed suspiciouly, and Seto had gotten her lipstick on his face somehow.

“That’s not even funny, Mokuba. That’s just not even funny. You need togo on home, now, I’m busy, you can show me your report card at home.”

“What are you so busy with?”

“I’m training my new vice president, Mokuba.”

“Don’t train too hard...” he said mischeiviously.

“MOKUBA!!” Mokuba blanched and left. “You see him? You never touch him in anyway that could hurt him, you never yell at him, you never even look at him in anyway way that could make him mad. Because it makes me mad. That’s the number one rule here.” Seto looked at her seriously, and she knew he wasn't joking in any way. But she figured she'd better play it off.

" time he comes in, would there be a problem if I grabbed his arm and started screaming in his face?"


"But I could just start screaming in his face?"

"Don't even joke about that, I'm dead serious"

"Would you fire me?"

"In a heartbeat."


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