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All Bout MEEH!

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  • nAmE - um....kall meeh shilo
  • aGe - i dont keep count
  • bIrThDaI - sum where in deeh fall season
  • aDdReSs - WTF do ya think i am giving mai address!
  • pHoNe nUmBeR - did i ever tell yooh dat yooh are psycho?
  • gRaDe - mai age minus two... TRY to do deeh math...hahaha!
  • sIbZ - three deeh last time i counted
  • pEtZ - none
  • fOod - letz c here...i have to sai...chalupaz...YUM!
  • sOfT dRiNk - regular pepsi
  • sAyInG - "sawp dawg" and "philosophies are ideas a bunch of dead people think up to save the world from      smelly-ass people who wanna control the world"
  • bEsT fReNz - juanita, amanda, sofia, sarah and sum other ppl
  • iCe cReAm fLaVoR - strawberry and vanilla
  • cArToOnZ - Yu-Gi-Oh (sum anime showz r good), The Adventures of Jackie Chan (he kan kick serious butt)
  • sHoW - Who's Line is it Anyway?
  • wHaT i rEeLy hAtE - antz...dey drive me krazie!
  • wHaT i rEeLy rEeLy hAtE - jacked up ppl who think they're too good for yooh
  • fUn sTuFf - internet, bookz, eating, playing Magic!
  • mAi oWn sItE -
  • eMaIl -
  • iM - Mai Own Site
  • pEt pEeVe - when ppl say life sux i feel like giving them a big weggie cuz they shuld knoe better den to piss meeh off!
  • wOrSt sOnG - Im A SLAVE (Brittney Spearz)....It shuld beeh titled IM A RETARD!!!! Hey...sorrie if i      offended just practicing mai rite 2 deeh freedom of speech so HAHAHA!!!
  • oPtImIsTiC oR pEsSiMiStIc - pessimistic...dat waz a dumb question!