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Duel Monsters I.N.C.



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How to play Duel Monsters

The directions of how to play duel monsters are not very complicated. It's easy enough because all you need to know is your cards' strengths and how they play. Oh yea, you also need to believe in the heart of the cards ^_^. I made some pointers below to help you out a little at understanding how to play Duel Monsters.

  • OBJECT - Okay, each opponent (including you) has 2000 life points. The object of the game is to bring down your opponent's life points to zero which means strategic thinking will, of course, be a big aspect of the game.

  • MONSTER CARDS - On your turn, you can bring out monster cards face down, in defense mode, or attack mode.
    *attack mode: you can attack you opponent's monster with this card
    **defense mode: you can defend (or block) with this monster and not lose any life points.

  • MAGIC CARDS - With these cards, you can strengthen your monster cards, make your opponent's monsters weaker, and much more! In order to have a strong deck, you need some of these cards.

  • LET'S DUEL - On the show Yu-Gi-Oh, one duelist has to challenge the other duelist to a duel. Once he agrees to the duel, the excitment starts! Remember to always set up a strong defense, as well as many attacking monsters, and also remember to make sure that you attack another monster only when your monster has more or equally matched attack points (unless you have a different plan)!

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