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Anime Hole

Welcome to the Anime Hole. Itís sort of a bar for all the Japanese animes, except for itís okay for little kids, because a lot of the animes are under age. Tonight is karaoke night, and several of the characters have been known to change the lyrics, so keep an eye out for the little blips in the songs. Right through this door!

Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) is sitting by the ďbarĒ swapping stories with Ash (Pokemon). Misty (Pokemon) is talking to Sora (Digimon, first season). Tea (Yu-Gi-Oh!) is dancing in a big circle with Mimi (Digimon first season), Mai (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Mickey Salinas (a girl from a Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan-fic of mine, Tristanís girlfriend), Ame Amenhotep (another fan-fic girl, Yugiís girlfriend), Serena (Sailor Moon), Rei (Sailor Moon), Lita (Sailor Moon), and Sailor Venus (I donít know her name, obviously Sailor Moon). Ami (Sailor Moon) is up against a wall talking to Yolei (Digimon second season). Tristan (Yu-Gi-Oh!) is just standing up against a wall watching the girls dance (particularly Mickey). Yami (Yu-Gi-Oh!) and Nira (actually from a story on Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I donít know her real name, so Iíll just use the one from a couple of my fan-fics) are standing up against the wall, as though waiting for something. Brock (Pokemon) was hitting on each of the girls one at a time, but he made the mistake of hitting on Mickey right in front of Tristan and Joey, so heís in the bathroom nursing a black eye he got from Tristan. Most of the Dragon Ball Z people havenít showed up yet, but Gohan and Videl are also waiting up against a wall. Joey (Yu-Gi-Oh!) is picking out a Karaoke song. Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!) and Darien (Sailor Moon) are talking about something at the bar, while Bakura keeps drinking and drinking, because the bartender didnít realize that every time Darien ordered two drinks he was giving the other to Bakura. Letís just say Bakura is a little intoxicated, because he drank one and keeps stealing Darienís. Now that you can see the scene, let us listen to the conversation going on.

Yugi: Yeah, you think being destined in a legend is a big deal, trying living with the spirit of your 3,000 years old Grampa inside you.
Ash: Wow! Inside you?
Yugi: Well, inside my millennium puzzle here (shows him the little pyramid), but heís out right now. See that funkily-dressed couple over there (points to Yami and Nira)?
Ash: Yeah. Thatís him? Weird clothes.
Yugi: Yeah, well, he lived the first 17 years of his life in Ancient Egypt. The next 3,000 years were spent in spirit form inside a millennium puzzle.
Ash: Weird.
Yugi: Yeah. And every time Iím in trouble or even just dueling, he comes inside my body and I turn into Yu-Gi-Oh, or Yami Yugi to be exact.
Ash: Wow, and I thought I had problems.

Iím sorry, but I really donít want to repeat the things Misty and Sora are saying about Ash and Tai. Itís just too mean, and I canít stand it.

Mickey just went into the middle of the dancing circle, and was rolling her hips, and Tristanís eyes nearly popped out of his head. Same with every other guy watching. Even Joey, but he would never let his friend see that! Joey finally picked out his song, and heís ďwarming upĒ right now.

Yami: Nira, sweetheart, youíre sure you know how to dance? Slow, I mean. Iím not going to push you into fast. Not yet.
Nira: Yami, baby, of course! Itís not like Iíve never become Nira Ame with my Aibou to help her overcome shyness at a dance. Iím not that non-existent in her life.
Yami: If your sureÖ
Nira: Have I ever lied to you before?
Yami: That time you told me you didnít know who framed you for the murder of Sali. How about that?
Nira: Sweetheart, I didnít want to create problems for you between you and the priest.
Yami: No, youíd rather make me watch you get hung. Thanks.
Nira: Are we going to have this argument again?
Yami: Yes.
Nira: (kisses him lightly on the lips) Thanks for being honest.

Joey has finally started singing his own real life version of ďLean on meĒ to Tristan.
Lean on me
When youíre not strong
Iíll push you off
You crazy homo dumb @$$
It wonít be long
ĎTil your gonna need
A crutch to lean on

Needless to say, he was kicked off the mike.

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