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Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corporation, is dead. He died in a car crash when a drunk driver hit the part of his limousine that he was in. He fought for his life for 3 days in the Domino City hospital. He lost. Seto Kaiba leaves behind a little brother, Mokuba Kaiba, and a fiancť, Mickey Salinas-Wheeler. HeÖ.

This was the opening headline and paragraph of the Wednesday paper. Yugi had been reading it, but he had to stop. Yugi, Bakura, Tea, Tristan, and especially Joey (Mickey was his sister) had been staying at the Kaiba mansion and comforting Mickey and Mokuba. While Yugi was reading the paper, Mokuba had been clearing out his e-mail, when he saw a new one. It was labeled MOKUBA!!!THIS IS URGENT!! So he opened right away. What was in it blew him away. ďSetoĒ he breathed. It was a letter from Seto. It read as follows-

Hiya kid.
I may be gone, kid, but Iíll always be there for you. You were the only way I got through some of the days. Iíll miss you probably more than youíll miss me. Wherever I am, Iíll always watch over you, and Iíll always find my way back. Have I ever lied to you before? When youíre wishing I could come back, and youíre sad inside, just remember:

Iím already there,
Take a look around,
Iím the sunshine in your hair,
Iím your shadow on the ground,
Iím the whisper in the wind,
Iím your imaginary friendÖ

Mokuba couldnít read anymore. He was crying too hard. He just cried and cried.

In her room, Mickey was checking her e-mail. I realize that Iíve not told you much about Mickey. Sheís Joeyís little sister, right between him and Serenity. When she was born, she was put up for adoption because of a health problem her parents couldnít accommodate.

The Salinasís adopted her. When she was 16 (one year younger than Joey) she moved in with Seto Kaiba, who had adopted her when her foster parents died. She finally met her real family. She and Seto got engaged when she turned 20. She was 21 now. She had long (to her bum) dark brown hair, and eyes just like Joeyís. She was real pretty, and was borderline genius when it came to reading and writing. She, too, found a letter from Seto.

Hey sweetheart.
Yeah, itís me. As if I didnít bother you enough in life, Iím gonna bother you from the grave now. I may be dead, but Iíll still be there. You realize that when youíre lonely, you can still talk to me. I can hear you, and Iíll find a way to answer back. I donít have a problem with you dating again when you feel youíre ready; Iíd actually prefer your life not getting put on hold because of me. When youíre lonely, and missing me, and wishing Iíd come back, remember:

Iím already there,
So donít make a sound,
Iím the beat of your heart,
Iím the moonlight shining down,
Iím the whisper in the wind,
And Iíll be there Ďtil the end,
Can you feel,
The love that we share,
Iím already there.

For the first time, Mickey broke down in tears.

Mokuba went into Mickeyís room that night. He couldnít be alone. Not now. They checked Setoís mail together.

Hey you two!
I figured youíd end up here. I miss you both. Hereís one last rhyme for you to share.

Iím already there,
Take a look around,
Iím the sunshine in your hair,
Iím the moonlight shining down
Iím the whisper in the wind,
And Iíll be there Ďtil the end,
Can you feel,
The love that we share,
Iím already there.

Mokuba just looked at Mickey, who smiled down at him. One thousand happy memories ran through their heads, ending with the last time they talked to Seto. He was picking up his tuxedo for the wedding. He told them how much he couldnít wait. How handsome Mokuba would look in his suit. How, if he died right then, he wouldnít mind, because he felt fulfilled, knowing that he had been a part of their lives.

Remembering this made them cry. Remembering him made them both happy and sad. So they cried. They cried together.

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