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Yu-Gi-Oh Unlimited

dark magician (130k)

SORRY TO SAY WE HAVE STOPPED THE PRODUCTION OF THIS WEB SITE ... IN OTHER WORDS BYE BYE! Please enjoy what we have up ... I will not be checking my mail or responding to any e-mails. Thank you for your co-operation and support!

We finally haev our FAN ART page up so go ahead and take a peek. I will be updating this site whenever I can so please send us your fan art, fiction, or poetry. We'd LOVE to post it so that other people can view them! Also please take a a little time to answer out poll or write a little in the YU-GI-OH BOARD. That's all for now!

Sorry internet was out and I wasn't able to update this web site. I've decided to put off Yu-Gi-Oh Unlimited v 2.0 until next summer when i have time. If you have any suggestions please email me and I'll check my email regularly. Thanks for your co-operation!

Very busy lately but I have been able to add a few affiliates. More news posten up soon ...

Added new top sites today so I think their buttons will finally show ^_^! I'm thinking of starting a Yu-Gi-OH Unlimited 2.0 because this layout is starting to bug me, and for those of you who think I haven't been doing much editing on this site....well...I'm learing more HTML so it's gonna get better - YAY!

Winner of Kaiba Contest finally determined! CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT!

Nothing new really except we are going to add some more affiliates and links soon so stay tuned!

We are going to add some pictures to this site soon but in the meantime, enjoy! And also please ask or answer a question our Yu-Gi-Oh Board. Thanks! Today's episode was about how Yugi beat Joey in the championship. Afterwards, Yugi gave the winner's money to Joey to pay for his sister's operation. This means that next week Yugi will be dueling Pegasus in a 5 episode saga. Today we found that Pegaus was a painter and had a wife named Cecilia who had died so we'll find out more next week!

I have decided to update this web site one to two times a week instead of everyday. We will give you recent updates AND reviews on the all new SEASON 2 episodes. Okay, tomorrow Best Friends, Best of Duelists (1) will be coming, and so will Best Friends, Best of Duelists (2) so remember to watch at 10 Central and 9 Pacific. We've also added some new FAN POETRY by Tarveem so remember to check that out too! Also, we are experiencing some technical difficulties with our poll, so if you can't see it, please don't worry. We're working on it!

I watched my Saturday morning cartoons today, did you? HAHAHA, Okay then. Well, today Joey fnally beat Bandit Keith in a duel so next week he duels Yugi. As for Keith, let's just say he will be sleeping with the fishes tonight! Okay, I'm thinking of starting a FAN POETRY so if you have any poetry related to Yu-Gi-Oh, please send it to me and we will put it up. Also, nobody has written anything in our Yu-Gi-Oh Board yet. Don't be lazy. All you have to do is sign up and post an answer to our weekly question.

This Week's Question:
Do you think Yugi and Joey will still be friends after their championship duel is over?
Post your answers on our Yu-Gi-Oh Board by clicking here.

My sincere apologies for such a late post-up, but I've been very busy with school (it started last week). Okay, here's what's new. Yugi has beaten Mai in the championship duel which means next week Joey and Bandit Keith will be dueling. I think they are going to be back-to-back episodes, but I'm not sure so you need to keep an ear open when you watch TV today. Also, I'm going to now ask a question two or three times a week and you can answer it with your own opinion by clicking on the Yu-Go-Oh Board at the right of this website.

This Week's Question:
How do you think the heart of the cards really works?
Post your answers on our Yu-Gi-Oh Board by clicking here.

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