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Old Updates

C'mon people! Get into the Yu-Gi-Oh spirit! You can start by begging a discussion in our forum by clicking here. Also, the never seen U.S.A. episode #29 (Duel Identity part 1) is coming tomorrow.....okay, peace!

Please tell us your opinion of this web site in the Yu-Gi-Oh forum (left column)! I've noticed that nobody has written anything in the forum, although we get sometimes more than 50 hits a day. Feel free to write anything you like about Yu-Gi-Oh as long as they aren't cuss words >_<. Also, if you have any recent news on anything concerning Yu-Gi-Oh (i.e. new Yu-Gi-Oh playing card came out) then please email us by clicking here and we will post it up as soon as possible with your name!

Boo ya! I finished SEASON 2 summaries today so you can read them right now (even if you haven't watched them yet ~_-). I also finished the BUDDY ICONS, but I'm not sure if they work. If they do, this site will finally be complete. But, of course, I'll still edit it and add stuff along the way! School starts soon and I have some hard classes, but I'll try my best since I am committed to giving you updated information. For example, today's episode of Yu-Gi-Oh is #8, Everything's Relative atthe same time, 5:30 central and 4:30 pacific!

Today's news, we now have our FAN FICTION link up so if you want to read some REAL literature (haha) click on the link on the left! We are also adding some Buddy Icons up (it's all in seto-san, man! Thanks!). Tomorrow's episode of Yu-Gi-Oh is titled Attack From the Deep, episode #7! If you want the summary, click here.
Remember, Kids WB, 5:30 Central and 4:30 Pacific! Family room couch, in front of T.V! Be there!

Today Season 2 started at 11:00 Central and 10:00 Pacific and it was pretty cool! Anyways, I just finished the link for DUEL MONSTERS...phew! It took for ever. Now all I need to do is put up SEASON 2 summaries and some BUDDY ICONS. They'll be done by next week at the most because I probably won't have much time after that...ya, know...school starts and all...Oh well, I'll try to update this site whenever I have time, I PROMISE! I'm going to put up more pictures soon, but in the meantime, enjoy what I have up right now and thanks for all you support!

Yup...we have more links up today including DUEL MONSTERS and the YU-GI-OH FORUM! It's also Friday which means that Season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh starts tomorrow in the U.S. I can't wait! Anyways, today's episode will be from season 1 (episode #6) titled First Duel on Kids WB! If you want the summary ahead of time, go to SEASON ONE on the left where the links are located...

Hey everyone! Well, we just uploaded most of the links on this web site which means you can get the character profiles and full summaries for Season 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh....Season 2 summaries will be probably done in a couple more days. Sorry for the inconvinience! Oh yea, remember to get your very own KAIBA CORPS. EMAIL by clicking on the link on the left!

MORE NEWS ABOUT SEASON 2...Episode number 28 will be airing on August 18, titled The Night Before on KidsWB...

The word is finally OUT! Let it be known that Season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh will start airing in the U.S. next Saturday on August 18 at its NEW TIME, 8:00 A.M central time and 7:00 A.M. pacific so remember to set your alarm clock!

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh Unlimited! We are commited to give you the latest information on all the Yu-Gi-Oh characters and episodes, seasons one and TWO! We also have a free Kaiba Corps. email service that allows you to have 3MB of space and a KAIBA CONTEST that enables the two winners to have their web sites posted on the top of our main page, and they also receive a small surprise ^_^ ! We update this site whenever we get the chance to. In the meantime, you can send your questions or comments to me at webmaster@kaibacorps.zzn.com!

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