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Duel Monsters I.N.C.



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Season 2

Some of these summaries are not very detailed, but they are informative!

28. The Night Before The final duelist and the others retire on the hall for a feast. They are then given their positions as to who they will duel. The standing go as this:
Yugi vs. Mai
Joey vs. Bandit Keith
Later that day, Mai is preparing her deck for the duel against Yugi and Bandit Keith is steals the card from Joey that enables him to receive the $3,000,000 prize if they win the tournament. Also, Tea, Bakura, and Tristan find out that Pegasus cheated in his match against Kaiba. Pegasus had a hole in the wall where his goons could see the cards in Kaiba's hand and tell them to Pegasus using his millennium eye (or something like that!). Later, Tristan and the others are caught and punished when Pegasus tries to banish them to the Shadow Realm, but evil Bakura shows up and he is able to counter the spell. Bakura is trying to get Pegasus' millenium item this time. All the while, Yugi talks to his grandpa who's soul is trapped in that card thingy. He says that Yugi must learn to harness his millennium puzzle's power if he wants to defeat Pegasus.
*NOTE: Pegasus wants to have the power to control life and death which makes me think that maybe the portrait of the lady that was everywhere might have been his wife who died...

29. Duel Identity (1) Mai and Yugi begin their duel by showng Pegasus the card they have each choesn. Yugi is still afraid of the power of his millennium puzzle so he decides to not use it in this duel. Wrong decision for his part because he begins to lose against Mai. Mai tells Yugi to stop thinking and play how he used to, but it's no use. Yugi is still afraid of his item's powers.

30. Duel Identity (2) It looks hopeless for Yugi, but at the last minute, he sorts things out with the spirit of the millennium puzzle and they decide to work together to save Yugi's grandpa. In the end, Yugi is the victor of the match and he awaits to face another challenge.

31. Keith's Machination (1) Joey is determined to win, but Bandit Keith has stolen his playing card. At the last minute, Mai gives him hers and Bandit Keith and Joey begin to duel. Joey's in the lead, but for how long...

32. Keith's Machination (2) Joey wins and Bandit Keith is outta the house...YEAH!!!

33. Best Friends, Best of Duelists (1) Wow! Two great duelists (that also happen to be best friends) are dueling. It looks as if Joey is coming out in the top, but I wouldn't be too sure...

34. Best Friends, Best of Duelists (2) Yugi wins the duel and gives the $3,000,000 to Joey for his sister Serenity's operation. Now it's Pegasus Yugi has to beat!

35. Yugi V Pegasus Match of the Millennium (1) It's almost time for the Duel of the Millennium! Tristan leaves to fing Mokuba's and Seto's bodies.

36. Yugi V Pegasus Match of the Millennium (2) Let's DUEL! Pegasus uses the ToonWorld card and he looks to be unstoppable! Also, Tristan finds Mokuba's body, but he's being followed. Bakura is able to save the day with his millenium ring.

37. Yugi V Pegasus Match of the Millennium (3) Pegasus takes the match to the Shadow Realm and Yugi faints, but Yami Yugi is able to take over.

38. Yugi V Pegasus Match of the Millennium (4) Yugi has mastered the power of his millennium item and they now play in the Shadow Realm. Yugi falls, and, once again, Yami Yugi takes control. Also, Evil Bakura wants to possess Mokuba, but Tristan throws Bakura's Millennium Ring as far as he can.

39. Yugi V Pegasus Match of the Millennium (5) Tea, Tristan, and Joey are able to help Yugi out and finally, using Karebo, he wins the duel against Pegasus! But the again, Pegasus is missing...

40. Aftermath Yugi cannot save his grandpa with out Pegasus... Meanwhile, Pegasus and Bakura are fighting over the possesion of the millennium eye. Yugi meets another guy who has a millennium item, Shadi (has millennium key). He helps Yugi unlock some secrets that are in Yugi's mind.

41. The Wrath of Rebecca Rebecca comes to Yugi's grandpa to get her Blue Eyes back. Yugi and Rebecca duel for it, but she is really good at dueling. Yugi's grandpa realizes she is using the same moves one of his old friend used to use. Meanwhile, Yugi isn't sure how to beat Rebecca...

42. The Ties of Friendship It looks bad for Yugi who doesn't know what to do next. On the other hand, Grandpa knows exactly what the outcome is going to be because he had played the exact same duel before!

43. Real Problems, Virtual Solutions Seto Kaiba becomes trapped in one of his very own virtual games and Joey, Yugi, and Mokuba must save him.

44. A Blast From the Past The gang met Mai and soon afterward Mokuba is also capured so the gang go into the Dark Illusions castle wher the brothers are being help prisoner. Together they help them the Kaibas break free from their captives.

45. The Supreme Fusion of Heroes It looks near impossible to escape now, but Yugi and Kaiba join forces and they win!

46. A New Rival Duke Devlon moves into town with his Game Shop and joey challenges him to a duel (Gramp's shop probably wasn't faring too well with another shop). Unfortuanately, Joey loses (I think).

47. Dungeons and Dice Yugi and Duke duel, but it is going to be a tough game for both!

48. Dukeing It Out Things are looking up for Yugi in his match against Duke!

49. Dark Dimensional Magic SORRY - NO SUMMARY

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