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Duel Monsters I.N.C.



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Season 1

Some of these summaries are not very detailed, but they are informative!

1. The Heart of the Cards Seto Kaiba duels Yugi’s grandfather for possesion of his Blue Eyes White Dragon and wins. As Yugi’s grandfather is carted to the hospital, Seto challenges Yugi to a duel. In the end, Yugi wins (using Exodia:a collection of 5 cards) and frees Kaiba’s mind of the dark influences that has posessed him using his millennium puzzle.

2. The Gauntlet is Thrown Yugi gets a box with a duelist glove and a video in it. When the video is played, Pegasus somehow talked to Yugi and told him about his millennium eye and that Yugi had to duel in the championship tournament because he had beaten Seto Kaiba. Then Yugi challenges Pegasus to a duel and he eventually loses. Afterwards, Pegasus steals Yugi’s granfather’s soul and Pegasus says that he will give back Grandfather’s soul and his own Millennium eye if Yugi can beat him in the tournament which gives Yugi no choice but to duel.

3. Journey to the Duelist Kingdom Yugi is on his was to the Duelist Kingdom (the island where the tournament is taking place) when Joey sneaks aboard....he wants the $3,000,000 prize money to help his sister, Serenity, have a surgery to regain her eyesight....eventually, he’s caught and Yugi gives Joey one of his two starchips which means Joey can duel. When this is happening, Tristan and Tea sneak aboard in cargo boxes. Yugi and Joey meet Mai and then Weevil, a champion duelist, who throws Yugi’s Exodia card into the water. Joey is only able to retrieve two of them, but Yugi says it is okay.

4. Into the Hornet's Nest Once the duelist arrive at the island Pegasus gives the rules: 10 star chips to gain entrance to the castle....0 will get them eliminated. Yugi finds Weevil and they start to duel.

5. The Ultimate Great Moth Using the Larvae Moth, Weevil attacks, but Yugi uses a clever move and wins the game as well as eliminating Weevil from the tournament. Weevil go bye bye!

6. First Duel Joey duels with Mai....who freaks her opponents with her psychic act using perfumes. With the help of Yugi, Joey finds the truth of the act and after some smart thinking, he wins the duel leaving a perplexed Mai.

7. Attack from the Deep Yugi duels Mako Tsunami and wins!

8. Everything's Relative Pegasus is taking over Kaiba Corps. by eliminating Seto and kidnapping Mokuba, but Mokuba escapes and challenges Yugi to a duel. Soon afterwards, he loses and Yugi tells him that he had actually helped Seto and Seto was now searching for the truth. He also said that Pegasus should be stopped! Mokuba was then captured again and Yugi challenges the guard holdong Mokuba to a duel. The duelist turns out to be the “ghost” of Seto Kaiba himself.

9. Duel with a Ghoul Seto Kaiba was very much alive in his office after a narrow escape from Pegasus’ guards, but he helpes Yugi defeat some of the imposter’s creatures (actually, it was Kaiba’s stolen deck o_O) using his electronics and his machines (don’t ask me how!)...

10. Give up the Ghost Yugi defeats the imposter using his millennium puzzle and the imposter is revealed to be the dark spirit Yugi had banished into the Shadow Realm when he had defeated Seto Kaiba in their previous match. Mokuba is taken prisoner again and Seto has escaped....

11. The Dueling Monkey Mai gets Rex Rapter (another champion duelist) to duel Joey for her. In the process, Joey becomes closer to his friend, Tristan. But match is still not over....

12. Trial by Red Eyes Joey beats Rex and gets his Red eyes Black Dragon and Mai gives them some food since she was up to the castle (she already had all 10 starchips).

13. Evil Spirit of the Ring Yugi duels evil Bakura in the Shadow Realm and the gang is transformed into their favorite cards. It was a close game, but finally, Yugi wins the duel and traps the vil Bakura in the Graveyard and restores the good Bakura into his original form. When they come out of the Shadow Realm, Yugi, good Bakura, and the others hear Mai scream and they run to see what happened.

14. The Light at the End of the Tunnel When Yugi and the others reach the scene, they see that Panik, an eliminator who eliminates people from tournament, had just beaten a now starchipless Mai. Yugi duels Panik in order to get back Mai’s starchips, but he finds himself in the face of fire...

15. Winning Through Intimidation Yugi wins the duel using clever moves, but Panik decides to eliminate Yugi because he had won. Instead, Yugi’s Millinnium item protects him and his friends and he uses his item to also banish the evil side of Panik. After a while, Mai accepts the star chips Yugi won for her and she promises that she will repay him some day and then they part.

16. The Scars of Defeat Kaiba finds Yugi and his friends and then Joey challenges him to a duel. They duel with a new holographic system Kaba had made and Joey loses like a pittiful dog with lost confidence. Kaiba tells Yugi that Joey should have knew what was coming and then he leaves to duel Pegasus.

17. Arena of Lost Souls (1) Joey is lured into a cave where their is this wierd guy, Bones, who challenges Joey to a duel in the Zombie Arena place where Bones can easily get a field power bonus. Bandit Keith, a good duelist who lost to Pegasus, is also there. Joey has no choice but to duel, but he soon finds himself in a bit of some trouble.

18. Arena of Lost Souls (2) Joey is not faring so well in the duel against Bones, but Yugi and his friend make it in time to help Joey and tell him who’s really important, his sister Serenity. After a while, Joey gets on and wins the duel. But then, Bandit Keith and his losers trap Yugi and his friends in the cave and Keith steals all of his losers’ starchips to gain entrance to the castle.

19. Double Trouble Duel (1) Stil trapped, the gang uses Bakuras Millenium Ring to find an arena where the Paradox Brothers challenge Joey and Yugi to a duel and then they bring out their Labryinth card to make the arena kind of like a board game with spaces that you can move on. Also, Kaiba is on his way toward the castle in order to free Mokuba from his captives.

20. Double Trouble (2) The Paradox Brothers are able to bring out the 3 pieces to the Trinity Gate Guardian and they look to be unstopable.

21. Double Trouble (3) Joey and Yugi are able to come up with a plan to destroy the Gate Guardian, win the duel, and gain entrance to Pegasus' castle. Also, Pegasus has captured Mokuba's soul and Kaiba must now defeat Yugi in a duel to retrieve his brother's soul.

22. Face Off (1) Kaiba intercepts Yugi and his friends at the doorway of the castle and Yugi agrees to duelling with Kaiba using his Holographic system so they start the duel...

23. Face off (2) Both Kaiba and Yugi are near their last life points when Kaiba brings out the never before seen BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON!

24. Face off (3) Yugi multiply's his Karebo endlessly and begins a come back. Then Kaiba moves to the ledge and tells Yugi that the blast of Blue Eyes could make him accidently fall to his death. This makes Yugi realize that Mokuba must be in danger if Kaiba was going to such extremes. At the last second, Yugi calls off his monster and Kaiba wins the duel, but now Yugi is afraid of the spirit in himself because it was like he couldn't control it.

25. Shining Friendship Yugi is too scared to duel again, although Mai offers Yugi starchips to help hom out. In the end, Tea decides to duel Mai for Yugi's sake...i the VERY end, Tea wins because Mai surrenders. Mai claimed that she didn;t have the cards to win, although she had Harpy Feather Duster that could have easily have won the match. Yugi, his friends, and Mai head toward the castle, but Kaiba is already their for his duel against Pegasus!

26. Champion V Creator (1) The gang enter the castle to see that Kaiba was already there to suel Pegasus. Under some circumstances, Kaiba decides to duel with Pegasus' arena indstead of the holographic system he had created for this match. Pegasus uses his millennium eye to dominate the first half of the match.

27. Champion V Creator (2) Before the duel is over, Pegasus has gain possesion of two of Kaiba's Blue Eyes, as well as Mokuba's soul AND Kaiba's soul. Yugi tells Pegasus that he will defeat him and Pegasus would have to undo all his wrong, but Pegasus tells Yugi he must beat the other Finalists before he may even have the priviledge to duel him.

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