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The following are quotes from the episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh:

"Me and Yugi are gonna clean your clocks."
-Joey, directed toward the Paradox brothers

"Oh man, I just got a killer idea."
-Joey, dueling against Mai

"Aww...isn't he cute when he's thinking?"
-Tristan, directed toward Joey

Question: "Drooley monsters?" -Tristan
Answer: "Duel monsters, you Nimrod!" -Joey
*Don't ask me what Nimrod means...

"Senile, old fool."
-Seto Kaiba, directed towards Yugi's grandfather

Question: "You do know what a trap card is, don't you? -Grandpa
Answer: "uh...kinda...uh...I have no idea." -Joey

"Please...crush me."
-Joey, after he meets Mai

"We're in the middle of nowhere, Lame-Brain! If you could just try and act normal, we'll be okay."
-Tea, directed toward Tristan

"Squash that little twerp like a mosquito!"
-Joey, directed toward Weevil

"Don't waste your breath on this sneaky slug. He's a duel in disgrace. And I hearby relieve him of his dueling gauntlet."
-Joey, directed toward Weevil

"Hello, Kaiba-Boy."
-Pegasus, directed toward Seto Kaiba

"And their's the sleezy low-life that shipped them out!"
-Joey, directed toward Kimo, one of Pegasus' goons

"Well, we're here. Where's antenna head?" (hahaha)
-Joey, directed toward Kimo

"Yes Yugi. It's me, Kaiba. And this time you don't stand a ghost of a chance."
-The "ghost" of Seto Kaiba (you'll know who that is once you watch the episode - or read the summary)

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